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  • Keeping our traditional production methods and a mixture of extraordinary designs on jewelry creates a tailored processes. With its successful process analysis and customer oriented approach through which we are able to manage our processes from production to customer, we specially thank to our valuable partner INNTHEBOX for their professional approach in our journey of implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Real Time Interaction, 
Get connected to your customers at each and every step of life. Make your customers know that he/she can reach you at a glance. For example you are an insurance company and your customer had an accident, let him share with you the photos of the accident with an application.

Recirculation for sustainability, 
Why don’t you prize your customers for their daily positive contributions of carbon dioxide emissions? Contribute to sustainability of nature.

Get reached easily, 
Make your products and services remotely accessible. As to say if you are in automotive sector, we can easily take your showrooms to an online service with cameras that you will provide for Sales Representatives.

Let Your Company Up To Date ,
Why don’t you create your campaigns for upcoming events, let your campaigns spread through internet through social media. Make discounts for national football games for each goal. Give surprise and last minute discounts for your customers who demand with a “Please”!

SMS & Email Marketing

Solution for who are thrived to be experts and leaders of their businesses.

Right Target and Right Customer Segments

Right targeting is the first step to reach right segment with an effective project planning.

For A Successful Campaign Activity

In order to reach the positive consequences we have to deploy the right campaign activity.


If you are after being one step ahead, take a look at our training modules!


We are in the middle of creative solutions with brand new technologies! Get connected to us! We have special solutions, brand new ideas ‘INN’THEBOX for your company and your projects.

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